Church Services


Join Services Online with ZOOM

All our services and groups are now online using ‘Zoom’.

You can install the Zoom app on your smartphone or tablet – just search for ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’. Alternatively, you can also use the web browser on a laptop or computer, for which you’ll be asked to install a small piece of software. There is a simple video guide here.

Once you have prepared Zoom you just need to click on the link a few minutes before the start time. Please click the pink 'Join our Zoom services' button below to join us!

Zoom have made a change to their software so that a password is required. Today's password is 'dunmow'.

Please note that we are recording some of our services and making them available on our website for others to view later. By joining a service or a Zoom meeting you are agreeing to your personal data being shared with those who are accessing the stream in real time or in recorded form.

Alternatively, you can listen and take part using your telephone. Just call: 020 3695 0088 and enter the Meeting ID 7075056006 followed by #. There is no need to enter a Participant’s ID.

We realise that for some the prospect of using technology might seem daunting. If you do need any help getting ready, please contact Patrick (876404 or 07759-317951).

It is recognised too that not everyone is online, and we have developed the necessary support materials in hard copy. If you know someone who would appreciate a hard copy of any of the services listed, please call Patrick.

In the current crisis, we are recording many of our services.