It has been many weeks now since we were able to step inside our lovely church at St Mary’s and - whether or not you have been able to take advantage of the virtual on-line services - I’m sure you are missing being there.

One of the more mundane worries that this situation has caused is that we have been unable to collect money from the envelopes and loose cash given each week. While our income has therefore reduced, our costs have not; apart from saving on heating almost everything else is a fixed cost – parish share, insurance, church security and wages. We have also had to forego income from Outlook and hall lettings.

As well as praying for each other and for a safe outcome from this epidemic, our duty as Christians is to provide for the church in a time of need and we would like to encourage you to make your usual level of giving by bank transfer to the church’s account (details below).

After this is over you may care to set up a standing order and donate this way in the future too.

If you would like to make a donation, please either use the bank details shown below, or click on this link to make a one-off donation via The Giving Machine.

We thank you for helping to keep your church afloat.

Yours sincerely,

St Mary's Finance Committee

Church Bank Account: TSB sort code 30-92-76 account 00072320