Advertising in the Outlook magazine

What is it?
Outlook is a 40-page monthly newsletter distributed to over 4,560 homes in Great Dunmow and Barnston on behalf of St Mary's Church (Great Dunmow) and St Andrew's (Barnston) - that's well over 54,000 copies a year!

The magazine includes ads in three sizes: full-page, half-page and quarter-page. Note that very occasionally, eighth-page ads are also available. As you will see from the tables below, these are very competitive prices, especially given the coverage of the magazine.

We offer two methods of payment: either a one-off fee, or via monthly standing order (Note: Standing Order only available for 12-month contracts). Details for the two options are shown below. Prices are available from only the equivalent of £20.83 per month - and remember, that gets your advertisement into over 4,560 homes!

Option A: One-off annual payment

Ad size Cost Ave. monthly cost Cost per house per month
0.25 £250 £20.83 £0.005
0.50 £440 £36.67 £0.008
1.00 £840 £70.00 £0.015

Option B: Monthly Standing Order (for 12 months)

Ad size Monthly Cost Cost per house per month
0.25 £25.00 £0.005
0.50 £45.00 £0.010
1.00 £80.00 £0.018

Anyone wishing to advertise for less than 12 months will pay the monthly Standing Order price multiplied by the number of months. For example, a quarter-page ad for 3 months will cost £75 (3 x £25).

If I want to advertise, what do I need to do?
Please send an email to or call Patrick on 07759-317951.

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