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There is at the moment a bit of a market in adult colouring in books and my daughters have been looking at buying them for the holidays (daughters of 19 and 16 I might add). I was thinking about the attraction of the books and it’s easy to see. Here is something which takes us back to our childhood when we had no concept of worries or schedules but could just sit when we wanted and colour in. It is comforting and a chance to be creative without risking anything or having to think too much. What’s not to like?

It occurred to me that faith is a bit similar, sometimes we can find in it comfort, the reassurance that we are loved, the sense that something bigger than us is in control and all will be well. It’s a bit like going to see a favourite auntie who feeds us cake, and tells us we are great.

I wonder, however, how long it will be until the colouring in gets a bit boring. There is something in all of us which wants to express ourselves more than just colouring between the lines and if we can only take a risk, who knows - we might even pick up a sketchpad and do our own thing.

With faith too. There is much to be comforted by, don’t get me wrong and sometimes that safe place to rest is just what we need, but faith is so much more than a warm blanket. It is dynamic, life changing, energising. When we start to follow this Jesus - things happen, we begin to change, our viewpoint, our habits, our way of living, but it needs us to take some risks, to trust that we are loved enough to give up a bit of control.

What we get back however is exciting both in art and faith. Colouring in between the lines is good, but taking the risk to know more is even better. 

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
John 10 vs 10. 

Walks and thoughts 
20 August, 9:30am, meeting in St Mary’s Church car park. If you like these thoughts, why not share some more, join me in a local walk with or without dog, and some coffee and cake along the way. 

Elsie Bouffler