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Walks and thoughts

Over the last few weeks of exams I have often heard my girls exclaiming that once the exams are over they will do.

I wonder if they will. I say that because several decades on I am still saying, “once I get this out of the way I will finally get the chance to . . .” and yet somehow I never have. There is always something else to do and the one thing I have learned is that the to do list never gets shorter.

No matter how much we get through in a day and how many things we tick off, that list has a mind of its own and it just keeps filling up. So maybe it’s time to stop rather than finish.

I often write about my dog walks because often it is the time I take out that I do my best thinking, put things back into perspective and can often come back with a clearer head recognising the things that need to be done and the things that can just wait.

With this in mind I wondered if anyone would be interested in joining me in a walk, once a month, followed by coffee and possibly even cake.

The plan is to meet at 9:30am in St Mary’s Dunmow car park (with or without dog) walk a circular walk for about an hour and finish with coffee (on us) in the Angel and Harp - cakes are up to you.

Dates are 16 July, 20 August and 17 September.

As part of the walk I will share a very brief thought on faith in everyday life, so whether you have a faith or none, have a dog or not, why not come along for some time out away from the chores, to relax, walk and eat cake.

Elsie Bouffler